The Top Five Retirement Living Trends to Watch

The Top Five Retirement Living Trends to Watch


As baby boomers are getting older, there are a number of trends that are changing the face of senior care. Curious about what’s popular for seniors facing retirement age? Check out these trends.

1. Independent Living Independent living is lasting longer for many seniors than ever before. Previously, seniors who were no longer able to care for themselves moved into nursing homes or moved in with their adult children. Baby boomers, however, are staying home longer. Thanks to in-home care options, seniors are able to receive the quality of care they need without having to leave home.

2. Home Remodeling For many seniors, daily tasks that were once taken for granted have become difficult. Simply climbing up a flight of stairs or stepping up to get into the bathtub can present difficulties that they couldn’t have anticipated when they first purchased their homes. Thankfully, there are home renovation options available that will make life easier for many seniors. They’re adding ramps, changing their showers and bathtubs to walk-in models, and widening doorways to make room for walkers and wheelchairs. These renovations can make a big difference for aging individuals.

Many of these modifications are pricey, but luckily Medicaid will help pay for many home modifications in some cases. Make sure you are up to date with all the Medicaid qualification nitty-gritty and the constant changes to the system, or reach out to long-term care Medicaid eligibility expert to get the info you need.

3. Access to Conveniences. Today’s seniors have unprecedented access to tools that will make their lives easier. From devices that make it easy to reach out and grab an item that’s a little bit too far away to motorized scooters and chairs that make getting around a breeze even after walking becomes difficult, seniors are able to find many items that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable throughout their retirement years.

4. Remaining Close to Friends and Family Once, retirement age meant a move to a state with a warm climate and a variety of options for aging seniors. Now, many seniors are choosing to stay close to friends and family, sacrificing dreams of moving cross-country to spend more time with the people that they love.

5. Travel and RV Living Not every senior, however, is in desperate need of care to keep living the quality of life they want. Thanks to advances in health care, many seniors are just as active as ever. Now that they have free time on their hands, they’re interested in travel, spending time crossing the country in an RV and seeing all the sights that they couldn’t see during their working years. Many seniors are buying into the RV lifestyle and choose to spend the early years of their retirement on the road, coming back periodically to share their experiences with their loved ones.

Today’s seniors have more options than ever before. Whether they’re looking to spend their final years touring the country or need additional care in order to remain in their own homes, seniors can choose the lifestyle that’s best for them. The baby boomer generation is getting older, and they’re determined to make sure that they have as many options as they had throughout the rest of their lives.



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