Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you afford to provide 24×7 care at such a relatively low price?

Normally, providing 24×7 in-person care costs thousands of dollars each month. However, our proprietary technology allows a single GeriJoy caregiver to manage several GeriJoy Companion avatars  simultaneously.

Our reasonable limitations on excessive use (see our terms for details) help to keep GeriJoy affordable for everyone. A typical owner will not notice any limitations.

Why do you use a pet avatar instead of showing the actual GeriJoy staff?

The pet avatar enables our remote caregivers to build a positive and lighthearted relationship with the senior. And it maintains consistency, so that the senior always sees the same pet, regardless of which GeriJoy caregiver is controlling it. That helps reduce confusion associated with introducing multiple new human caregivers.

Finally, pet therapy offer many health benefits, and research shows that GeriJoy’s pet avatars deliver similar benefits.

Is GeriJoy right for my older parent?

The GeriJoy Companion is suitable for seniors living at home, or in assisted living environments. The best experience can be had if the owner is able to carry on a verbal conversation. For owners with a hearing impairment, the GeriJoy avatar is capable of showing captions of whatever it says.

Is GeriJoy suitable for seniors who don’t like pets?

While the GeriJoy Companion uses  a virtual pet avatar, it is quite different to a regular pet. It is able to talk intelligently, and does not suffer from any of the drawbacks of a traditional pet.

How does GeriJoy ensure consistent, high quality care? 

GeriJoy’s remote caregivers undergo a rigorous screening process that includes evaluating compassion, social skills, and motivation for working with seniors. Our goal is to recruit people who naturally enjoy bringing happiness to seniors and their families.

Once hired, GeriJoy’s caregivers sign non-disclosure/privacy agreements to protect family privacy. They are then trained to use the GeriJoy system to converse with and entertain seniors, with special focus on engaging seniors dealing with dementia. While interacting with seniors, they are fully supervised, and every interaction is preserved on our servers for accountability and training purposes.

What if there is an emergency, like a fall?

The GeriJoy Family Portal allows you to set emergency contacts. You can enter the phone number for a nurse, family member, municipal emergency services, or even a neighbor. We will then do our best to contact that person by phone and email in the event that our remote caregivers see or hear anything requiring an urgent response.

Is the GeriJoy Companion available in other languages, or outside the United States?

The GeriJoy Companion is available only in English, but will function anywhere with a reliable WiFi Internet connection. GeriJoy has been successfully used in places like Canada, England, Singapore, and China.

If you would like us to ship internationally, we may invoice you for additional shipping costs, and you may be responsible for customs fees.

How does your Money-back Guarantee work?

If you would like to discontinue your GeriJoy subscription for any reason, just let us know, and we will stop charging you immediately. Then, we’ll send you instructions to ship the hardware back to us. Upon receiving it, we will issue a full refund of the last month’s payment, and if you’re on our quarterly or annual billing plan, credit any pre-paid fees.

Other questions?

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