GeriJoy Benefits

24×7 caregiver attention. Without the cost.

GeriJoy employs a global team of highly-trained remote caregivers, who provide round-the-clock personalized emotional support, cognitive stimulation, and timely reporting through a care avatar.


The GeriJoy Companion avatar is designed to be the ideal, supportive friend and caregiver. It always listens, and it remembers everything you tell it, like names of grandchildren, favorite places, TV shows. So whenever your loved one is feeling lonely, confused, or just wants someone to talk to, the GeriJoy Companion is there to provide engaging and supportive conversation.


The GeriJoy Companion reminds your loved one about physician-prescribed medications, to drink more water, eat breakfast, and other activities that are vital for improving physical and mental wellness. The 24×7 staff behind the GeriJoy Companion are specially trained in senior care, and are able to assist owners suffering from a wide range of age-related conditions, from dementia to diabetes and depression.


GeriJoy’s team documents interactions with each owner, and provide 24/7 access to all daily logs via the Family Portal. That means you can finally stop worrying about what’s happening while you’re away from your loved one!

Behind the Scenes: Companionship

The GeriJoy Companion is displayed as a on-screen avatar which has real personality, and which is able to provide intelligent, engaging conversations — because human caregivers are controlling it from afar.

You or your loved one talks with the GeriJoy Companion the same way they would talk to another person in the room. The sound and video is streamed over the Internet to a live GeriJoy Caregiver, who can reply instantly using our specially-built technology.

That technology allows the GeriJoy Caregiver to remotely control the on-screen avatar that the senior sees on their tablet, letting them engage in conversations via via text-to-speech, as well as provide rich and engaging visual experiences. For example, if they sense that the senior is feeling nostalgic, the GeriJoy Caregiver will show them favorite people and places from their past.  If they sense the senior is feeling a little isolated, the GeriJoy Caregiver will pull up images on-screen of exotic places, taking the senior on a guided virtual tour around the world — all without leaving the room.

24×7 Caregiver Support

Our Caregivers work around the clock, keeping your loved one company 24/7.

GeriJoy’s Caregivers are background-checked and go through a rigorous screening and training process, including certification by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in privacy and ethics, and certification by the Alzheimer’s Association in dementia care.

Care and Wellness Reminders

GeriJoy provides easy reminders tailored to fit your loved one’s care plan.

We work with leaders such as Stanford Hospital & Clinics, the Pace University School of Nursing, and other experts to ensure that our wellness coaching programs and the methods by which we provide health and care-related reminders are based on clinically validated metrics and best practices.

Even if your loved one is only receiving non-medical care, you can now have peace of mind that GeriJoy is helping to gently coach your loved one to live a healthier, happier life.

Better Family Connection

Share that cute baby photo!  The GeriJoy Family Portal website lets you send photos, music, voice recordings, updates, and other family content to your loved one — even if they don’t use Facebook or a smartphone.

The GeriJoy Companion receives the content, shows it to your loved one, and talks to them about it. This helps to keep older loved ones in the loop about what’s going in the the family, and for people with Alzheimer’s, can be very helpful in reinforcing family memories and relationships.

GeriJoy Caregivers summarize all their conversations with your loved one, and keep track of important findings and events throughout the day. Whenever you access the Family Portal, you can see these records in the GeriJoy Care Journal, giving you a personal, inside view of how your loved one is doing and how they are being cared for — even if they are living alone or in a care facility.

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