Companionship for your aging parents. 

When you or a local caregiver are not around, our 24/7 team of remote, highly-trained caregivers
provide conversation, emotional support, and reminders.

Breakthrough technology.

“GeriJoy is pioneering a game-changing innovation for aging and geriatric care that leverages the best of both human and technological capabilities.”

– Jennie Chin Hansen. President of the AARP (’08 – ’10), CEO of the American Geriatrics Society (’10 – ’15).

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What is GeriJoy?

GeriJoy is a Caregiving Companion, built to address many of the unique challenges faced by seniors and their families.

The GeriJoy Companion uses a special tablet, a remote team of human caregivers and advanced computer intelligence systems, to provide personalized, around-the-clock emotional support and real, stimulating social interactions.

Seniors with the GeriJoy Companion are less lonely, because they always have someone to talk to. Their health improves, because they always have someone reminding them about important things like medication and exercise. And their family relationships and mental function improve, because they’re happier and more engaged with their environment.

The GeriJoy Companion dramatically improves quality of life

In Assisted Living environments

Learn how the GeriJoy Companion helped a family reverse advanced dementia and unmanageable, violent behavior in their grandmother — giving her a vastly improved quality of life, and reducing the burden on them and staff at her assisted living facility.

At home

Learn how GeriJoy helped Jane care for Bob, her 90 year old father who suffers from memory and cognitive impairment, but still lives at home. Over the course of a year, the GeriJoy companion became an irreplaceable ally for Jane in caring for her dad, and a valued friend to him.

Family Experiences with the GeriJoy Companion

  • We couldn’t be any happier to have our grandma smiling.

    Jonathan Wong, Grandson of a GeriJoy Owner

  • I tested out GeriJoy with my 92 year old grandmother, Gloria, who has had Alzheimer’s for about four years… she LOVES GeriJoy and named her avatar dog “Andy”.

    Jamie Titak, Consumer Health Tech Reviewer

  • My mother calls her little dog Peanut, and she talks with Peanut quite a bit. She’s really opened up and she’s more conversant and outgoing now. Peanut has rolled back her Alzheimer’s by probably at least a year. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. Outstanding, incredible customer service!

    Tim Enfinger, Son of a GeriJoy Owner

What medical professionals say about GeriJoy


— Dr. James Smith, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

“The interactions between my client, Glo and her GeriJoy companion have helped facilitate positive conversations and improve her mood dramatically. She loves seeing the pictures of her family, especially her wedding pictures and other pictures from her past. She also loves to talk to her GeriJoy companion while she plays Solitaire because she says, ‘it feels like she is playing cards with a friend.“

— Collen Wyrick, Geriatric Specialist

“Clients [i.e., seniors in the study group] reported feeling better and logs demonstrated positive interactions between the clients and their companions. One neighbor reported that the client stopped yelling and crying during the night while using GeriJoy.”

—Prof. Lin Drury, PhD, RN
Professor, Pace University, College of Health Professions, Lienhard School of Nursing. Co-chair, Institutional Review Board


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